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Reflex wing design

Paramania challenges the boundaries of practical design, and produces just such wings. As pioneers of reflex wing design, Paramania are the leading manufacturer of powered paragliding wings. Their products are renowned for their extreme stability, giving paramotor pilots confidence yet retaining the dynamic feeling which makes paramotoring so enjoyable.

Parajet have had a long-standing relationship with Paramania and are proud to have collaborated with them on many of our projects. Paramania helped the Parajet SkyCar Expedition get off the ground by designing a state of the art paraglider wing specific for the gruelling challenges of the expedition.
Parajet recommend flying with Paramania wings. We can supply these direct to you, individually or as part of a complete Parajet Paramotor Package.


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Paramania GoFly

Beginner/Occasional Pilot

Paramania GoFly

The Gofly is the ideal choice for any beginner or occasional paramotor pilot looking for a solid and stable wing with easy inflation characteristics. Both on the ground and in the air, the wing’s crisp forgiving handling, gives pilots the progressive advantage of flying skills towards the next generation of Reflex paramotor wing in the Paramania range.

When taking to the air the Gofly is the perfect wing to help you discover and understand the way of the sky. It may not have Reflex but with a flat, slightly pitch positive profile, the pilot can modifiy the trim range to adjust the wing鈥檚 speed. Or for a different angle of attack on take off allowing for easier inflations when launching. At first touch the Gofly鈥檚 handling is very docile and forgiving with just the right amount of brake travel. As you progress and perfect your piloting skills you will notice the manouverability, sink and glide rate are rather exceptional for this class of wing!

The Gofly really is the ideal start for both paramotoring or paragliding!

Price from £1,959.60

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Technical Specification
Size: 26 28 30
Range(kgs): 70-85 80-105 95-120
G-Rating: 8+ 8+ 8+
Cells: 37 37 37
Flat Area(m2): 25.9 28.1 30.5
Weight(kgs): 5.4 5.7 6
EN 926-2: Certified
Speed(kph): Min=22 Trim range=32/38 Max Speedbar=50
Sink(m/s): Min=1.1 Trim range=1.2/1.5 Max Speedbar=2.4

Paramania Revo2


Paramania Revo2

The REVO 2 benefits from a whole new design makeover. It is the answer for both paramotor pilots and training centres, who have been asking for the ultimate beginner/intermediate reflex paramotor wing.

When you first get the Revo2 out of the bag and inflate it, the word that immediately comes to mind is ‘easy’! When launching, it quickly lifts you clear of the ground with minimum effort and almost no oscillating tendencies. Once in the air it is so comfortable that you soon forget that there is a wing flying above your head! Benefiting from Mike Campbell-Jones’s latest “deep” Reflex wing section, It simply absorbs turbulence like no other reflex wing we have made. The Revo2 flies as if on rails. It has plenty of pitch and roll stability. Given its beginner wing disguise, on fast trim it is a pure distance eater. Pilots can relax and go, no need to hold brakes, apart from occasional tip steering course adjustments. Others on paragliding type wings and even the average reflex wing are left in its wake!

The Revo2 is ideal for new, occasional and/or progressive pilots and even experienced intermediate pilots looking for a fun wing that offers years of enjoyment!

Price from £2,523.20

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Technical Specification
Size: 23 26 29
Range(kgs): 70-160 80-185 90-220
Cells: 46 46 46
Slow Trim(kph): 30 30 30
Fast Trim(kph): 51 51 51
Max speed(kph): 65 65 65
EN Certified: tbc B tbc
Sink(m/s): min=1 trim off=1.2/1.9 Max Speedbar=3

Paramania Fusion

Dedicated Intermediate

Paramania Fusion

Pilots moving up the skill range from the Revo2 will instantly feel at home with the Fusion, other pilots who already have a considerable experience in paramotoring will be delighted with the Fusion’s dynamic handling, and direct response to pilot inputs. Coupled with Mike Campbell-Jones’ next generation Reflex profile which is easy and comfortable to adjust, allowing you to go further and faster with the added benefit of real pitch positive ‘True Reflex Technology’!

As for the Fusions handling…. in the hands of an estabilished pilot, it really is a joy to fly. With an out-standing roll rate for carving tight turns, giving you precise control over wing and motor. In the neutral or fully reflexed trim setting the Fusion takes on the legendary stability and speed, coupled with our new wingtip steering controls turning it into the perfect cross country machine. The specifically designed leading edge composite has the unique property of being ridged in one direction only and flexible in others. It gives the Fusion a very clean leading edge, so improves performance, strength and launching whilst reducing the overall weight.

Price from £2,679.65

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Technical Specification
Size: 23 26 29
Range(kgs): 60-120 70-140 80-160
Cells: 56 56 56
Slow Trim(kph): 30 30 30
Fast Trim(kph): 49 49 49
Max speed(kph): 60 60 60
EN Certified: tbc C C
Sink(m/s): min=1 trim off=1.2/1.7 Max Speedbar=2.6

Paramania Action GT


Paramania Action GT

The Action GT is the ultimate dual purpose all in one wing for both powered and gliding flight. Aimed at pilots who have a good knowledge base of Paramotoring or Paragliding looking for top performance (speed and sink) and that legendary Reflex stability! Some of the world’s best competition, freestyle Paramotoring and Paragliding test pilots have nicknamed it the ‘The Bird’ not just for its bird-like center section but more for it’s outstanding characteristics and the way it flies.

The Action GT has lots of exciting new technology. To start with it has a highly sophisticated reflex aerofoil section, which is carefully manipulated by a unique semi-ridged trim and intricate D-line gathering system. This gives the Action GT a truly awesome speed and performance range - 22kph min to 65kph Max!.

The double transversal bands at the rear of the wing help control the shape whilst the brakes move and gather the trailing edge. The result is handling which is smooth precise and efficient at all times while carving your way through the air.

Price from £2,720.00

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Technical Specification
Size: 23 26 28
Range(kgs): 65-135 75-155 85-175
Cells: 66 66 66
Slow Trim(kph): 30 30 30
Fast Trim(kph): 50 50 50
Max speed(kph): 65 65 65
EN Certified: tbc EN & DMSV C EN
Sink(m/s): min=1 trim off=1.3/1.8 Max Speedbar=3

Paramania Action GTR


Paramania Action GTR

Get ready to experience some of the best, most precise paramotoring by pre-ordering the new Paramania Action GTR, heralded as one of the best reflex wings to hit the market. To avoid any disappointment we suggest you order yours with Parajet now!

Aimed at experienced pilots, the new Paramania Action GTR has been designed specifically for precision flying. The new Action GTR wing uses 100% MCJ Reflex technology and a new design concept which is fast and agile yet stable and easy to launch.

Price from £2,628.00

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