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Good things come to those who wait…

This has never been more so than when you purchase a Parajet. Every Parajet is intrinsically exclusive, and genuine design innovation and engineering accomplishment are available only to the discerning few. Those lucky enough to own one understand and appreciate that it takes time to build our paramotors.

When you look around a Parajet paramotor you’ll see the difference. We strive for perfection in everything we do, without compromise. So when you buy our paramotors you know you’re flying a machine engineered by the best in the business. This means:

Bespoke paramotor manufacture
All Parajet paramotors are hand built by experienced engineers at our manufacturing facility. The design of every component found on our paramotors has been optimised for form and funtion; from our unique extruded aluminium cage and chassis which is the strongest on the market, right through to our fuel tanks. Unlike other paramotor manufacturers, Parajet does not take parts from go-karts or other products and try to adapt them; each component is designed and manufactured in-house by Parajet for Parajet pilots. This is why our machines are not only great to look at but amazing to fly.

Meticulous quality control
Parajet’s attention to detail is unrivalled. Our meticulous assembly procedures and small batch production, ensures the highest level of quality and safety controls. Every engine is fine tuned and run up in our test cell before shipment. When your new paramotor arrives on the doorstep you can simply open the box and start flying.

Renowned customer service
As a Parajet owner, we hope that you feel reassured by our reputation for reliability and quality. It is a reputation that has been built over many years and one which is regularly reinforced by the excellent level of service we provide to our customers. From our comprehensive warranty to our ability to go that extra mile to solve a problem, everyone at Parajet strives to ensure a positive feeling of intense excitement is felt by our customers; so it is no coincidence that the name Parajet is synonymous with customer satisfaction.

A unique style of company
At Parajet we have a true passion for flying and for the sport of paramotoring. We believe that this is evident in everything we do; from the continuous improvement to the quality of our manufacturing processes, to constantly striving for product innovation and customer satisfaction.

We are perfectionists, and perfection takes time.

Gilo Cardozo & Jim Edmondson

Gilo Cardozo & Jim Edmondson, Parajet International Ltd.

Our Passion, Our Business

Why do we make paramotors? For us this is an easy question to answer; we love flying!

We are so passionate about paramotoring that we wanted to make a product that reflects what we wanted out of a paramotor. We were tired of seeing other paramotors on the market that were not thought out in terms of their design and engineering or made with the most inexpensive materials.

Parajet paramotors are born out of the belief that we could do better, not only in delivering a better customer experience, that we could build something that was not only fun to fly but evokes the emotion to want to fly it; much like a supercar makes you want to drive it.

We hope that when you fly your parajet that it represents our deep passion for paramotoring; from the sublime handling and flying characteristics, to the bespoke nature of our in-house manufactured components.

You can always get in contact with us and we are happy to hear your thoughts on how we can improve.  We want you to be as excited to fly as we are.

Parajet’s History

It all began in Wiltshire, England in 2000, with the foundation of Parajet Ltd. who secured the UK distribution rights for the Whisper DX. Parajet’s first paramotor was born out of the belief that it could do better. One year and thousands of testing hours later the Volution was launched and was the World鈥檚 first and only paramotor to be designed completely from the 鈥榞round up鈥, and built with a complete metal frame. With hundreds of sales worldwide, the Volution range was heralded as a milestone in paramotor evolution.

Parajet has since extended its product range with the introduction of the Cyclone; the next generation of paramotor. Built around the specially designed Rotron rotary engine, the Cyclone range are the most advanced and powerful personal aircraft in the World. With their incredible performance matched with reliability, practicality and superb efficiency, the Cyclone signifies a benchmark for the future of paramotoring and Parajet’s competitors.

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